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Our Dairy Supplies Include:

Milk Filter Sock

For efficient filtration, these socks provide easy replacement and reliable removal of contaminants.

IVS Marking Stick

Fast, durable markings are essential for animals needing tracking for health care or other purposes. These sticks are easy to use and come in multiple colors.

Flexible Cohesive Bandage

Proper wound treatment requires a durable bandage like this product, which adheres effectively to skin and hair while providing flexibility and comfort.

Trusti Tuber Calf Feeder

The innovative design of this device makes it easy and fast to feed calves with minimal discomfort.

Milking Claw

The balanced design of this claw connects and disconnects easily and quickly with maximum milk flow in between.

Other Products

Cowsultants offers more and more products every day. Stay in touch with us to keep track of what's available.


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