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An Array of Solutions from Cowsultants

Cowsultants is built to help the industry on both sides. We want to make sure farms get the products they need while also creating opportunities for the companies that make them. As we have one foot on each side of the fence, we are fully focused on serving our partners and customers by getting the best possible products into the market.

Our Range of Featured Products

Farm managers do not have time to bounce from a website to a phone call to an email to find the things they need. They want a one-stop shop for essentials, which is what Cowsultants has built.

Robivec Ranger Feed Pusher

Safe, consistent feed delivery must be performed on every dairy farm. Whether it's a 100-cow family operation that milks twice a day or a rotary parlor that flows around the clock, the cows must have the correct ration to maximize efficiency. The Robivec Ranger is an automated feeding robot that provides the perfect option for large operations to keep workers out of harm's way while still providing optimum nutrition.

Rovibec Commercial XXL Feed Pusher

The bigger the operation, the more feed is needed. That's why Rovibec offers their XXL Feed Pusher, which provides all the functionality of the Ranger in a scaled-up version to handle more head.

Armenta Acoustic Pulse Therapy

The battle against mastitis never ends. Attentive dairy managers are always on the lookout for cases. For decades, their only weapon has been antibiotics, but this has begun to contribute to antibiotic resistance. Armenta now offers an acoustic therapy that restores udder health without the use of antibiotics.

Milk Filter Sock

Milk quality is only as good as the filter socks. Personnel must also be able to replace socks quickly and easily. These quality filter socks meet the standards of even the most demanding manager.

Marking Stick

Freeze brands, tattoos, and ear tags perform well for long-term ID, but animals that have required health treatments or other interventions also need to be marked for easy locating. The IVS marking stick comes in a variety of colors for efficient, durable marking.

Flexible Cohesive Bandage

Proper treatment of wounds requires a bandage that can withstand the tough environments of parlor and pasture. These flexible cohesive bandages provide comfortable, reliable coverage for injuries of all kinds.

Trusti Tuber Calf Feeder

Just as important as feeding cows is the process of feeding calves. Workers can use the Trusti Tuber to feed calves easily and comfortably without undue risk of injury, keeping calves healthy and the operation productive.

Milking Claw

When milk doesn't flow, a dairy has a problem. Our quality milking claws can go a long way toward preventing leaks and clogs while saving time in connection and disconnection.

Other Products

Some of the featured solutions we also provide are:

  • Holstein Calf Jacket
  • IVS Orange Shoulder-Length OB Glove
  • IVS Udder Cream
  • Calf Bottle Nipple
  • E-Z Nurse Milk Cal Bottle
  • IVS Yellow Ear Tags
  • Non Return Teat Dip Cup
  • IVS Yellow Ear Tags
  • Premium Snap-On Calf Nipple
  • Self-Adhesive Vet Bandages

Cowsultants is constantly talking with potential partners about new product offerings. Stay in touch with us to see what is next!

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Be sure to reach out to Cowsultants to benefit from the range of solutions we have for you. Feel free to click on any of the products we offer or contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trust Only Cowsultants

Cowsultants is in a unique position to help both sides of a sale. For it to work, we must always strive to do right by both our vendors and their farm-level consumers, which is why we are the trusted partner of both buyers and sellers.

Be sure to get in touch with the Cowsultants team to schedule a consultation. We look forward to addressing any of your questions and concerns in a timely manner.