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For many companies, the greatest challenge is not in creating competitive goods and services. It is getting those products into the hands of the right market. That is how we at Cowsultants got our start in 2019. Conveniently situated in Greeley, Colorado near a big part of the nation's dairy farms, we use our sales and marketing skills to bring together creative suppliers and cutting-edge producers to create a healthier, more profitable dairy industry.

What We Offer

We saw innovative companies sitting on the sidelines of the market because they had no network of farm managers and owners for marketing their products. Two years later, we have built a strong base of partners that serve some of the largest dairy operations in North America. These quality companies cover a full range of dairy farm essentials.

We Invite You to the

DEC 8-10, 2021

Join us on December 8-10, 2021 at the Global Dairy Expo, which will be held at Harrah’s Las Vegas. The event is our way of giving you the opportunity to see how Cowsultants can get your dairy supplies or services out to more customers. You can speak directly with representatives from these outstanding companies to find out what our team has done for them...and what we can do for you.

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Some of the largest dairies from all over the world will be at this event. We invite you to check out the critical information that they will present, as they all aim to help support producers and their farms. New products, research, and more will be the topics of the sessions. These will combine the academic world, manufacturers, and producers, so be sure to hear firsthand what’s coming next for the industry. Grab the opportunity to ask questions during and after the expo. These educational seminars will give attendees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit with peers and learn from top industry experts about the different ways to make dairy farm operations more efficient and profitable.

Progressive Dairy is the official media partner for the Global Dairy Expo. Be sure to use the hashtag #GDX2021


Cowsultants History

Two years ago, we saw a gap in the dairy industry. Farms were unable to find the products they needed to add efficiency and improve herd health. On the flip side, we saw companies with amazing products that could not get them into the parlors of the nation's largest dairy farms. We decided to bridge that gap by bringing together the industry's best products and the farms that needed them, and Cowsultants was born.

Trust Only Cowsultants

Cowsultants is in a unique position to help both sides of a sale. For it to work, we must always strive to do right by both our vendors and their farm-level consumers, which is why we are the trusted partner of both buyers and sellers.

Be sure to get in touch with the Cowsultants team to schedule a consultation. We look forward to addressing any of your questions and concerns in a timely manner.