The Global Dairy Experience

Some of the largest dairies and their advisors will be represented at this Experience. Top companies will be presenting critical information to help support producers and their farms. New products, research, and more will be the focus topics of the sessions. This will combine the academic world, manufacturers and producers so that the guest can hear first hand what’s coming next for the industry and have an opportunity to network during and after the Experience.

These educational seminars will give those attending an opportunity to visit with their peers while learning from experts about the different methods to make your operation more efficient and profitable.


The Global Dairy Experience provides an opportunity for dairy producers to meet with companies, academics, and their peers to network and share with one another best practices and farm management techniques.

You Are Invited to Denver!

JUNE 6-8, 2022

Join us this June in Denver for the summer Global Dairy Experience, which will be held at The Westin Denver International Airport. The event will have a mix of networking sessions, presentations, on-farm activities and much more. See you this summer in Denver!

You Are Invited to Las Vegas!

DECEMBER 6-8, 2022

Join us this December in Las Vegas for the annual Global Dairy Experience, which will be held at The Linq Hotel. The event will have a mix of networking sessions, presentations from top industry experts, interactive activities and much more. If you were in Vegas in 2021, you know how exciting it is for everyone involved - don't miss out!


Cowsultants History

In 2019, we saw a gap in the dairy industry. Farms were unable to find the products they needed to add efficiency and improve herd health. On the flip side, we saw companies with amazing products that could not get them into the parlors of the nation's largest dairy farms. We decided to bridge that gap by bringing together the industry's best products and the farms that needed them, and Cowsultants was born.

Trust Only Cowsultants

Cowsultants is in a unique position to help both sides of a sale. For it to work, we must always strive to do right by both our vendors and their farm-level consumers, which is why we are the trusted partner of both buyers and sellers.

Be sure to get in touch with the Cowsultants team to schedule a consultation and join us at our upcoming events.