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Beyond Equipment, We Connect You to Success

Dairy farming is a dynamic industry, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial.  But finding the best equipment and resources to optimize your operations can be a challenge. That's where Cowsultants comes in. We're more than just equipment suppliers – we're your innovation partners.

Founded by a team with a deep understanding of dairy farm management and technology, Cowsultants bridges the gap between farms and the companies developing the latest advancements in herd health and farm efficiency.

How We Help You Thrive:

Targeted Connections: We connect dairy farms with the most innovative equipment and supply companies, saving you valuable time and resources in your search for solutions.

Focus on Cutting-Edge Solutions: Our network is carefully curated, ensuring you have access to reliable companies with proven track records in developing and delivering the latest technologies for your dairy farm.

The Global Dairy Experience (GDX): We host this annual event, bringing together dairy producers, industry experts, and leading companies for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Through these partnerships, we provide:

  • Industry-Specific Expertise: We collaborate with experts like The Magnolia Agency to ensure access to specialized insurance solutions.
  • Content Marketing Strategies: Our partnership with Top Service Ranker leverages data-driven content creation to showcase your expertise and attract new clients.
  • Skilled Workforce Solutions: Blue Business Solutions helps you build a strong team by identifying qualified professionals.
  • Financing & Equipment Procurement: Western Equipment Finance streamlines equipment acquisition, allowing you to invest in the latest technology efficiently.

This added focus on partnerships means you have access to the resources and expertise needed to thrive in every aspect of your trenchless business.

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    Top Service Ranker

    Top Service Ranker is a leading provider of fully managed content strategies for the home services industry. This collaboration brings together Cowsultants unparalleled expertise in the dairy industry with Top Service Ranker's data-driven approach to content creation.

    Blue Business Solutions

    Blue Business Recruiting specializes in plumbing and CIPP professionals. They leverage their industry expertise to identify qualified candidates perfectly suited for Cowsultants fast-paced environment


    Priority Payments

    Our mission is to build a merchant-inspired payments platform that advances the goals of our partners of any size.

    Real Time Marketing

    Bring your company's vision to life with sophisticated, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly website designs crafted by a team of expert designers. Prioritizing speed and aesthetics, Real Time Marketing ensures your website not only looks appealing but also loads incredibly fast.


    More Than Products: Building a Stronger Dairy Community

    Cowsultants is invested in the success of the entire dairy industry.  Here's what sets us apart:

    • A Passion for Dairy: Our team is deeply invested in the future of dairy farming. We understand the challenges and opportunities faced by modern dairy producers.
    • Focus on Collaboration: We foster connections and knowledge sharing between producers, academics, and innovators, driving progress for everyone in the industry.
    • Trusted Partner: We prioritize building long-term partnerships with our clients, ensuring their success is our success.

    Trust Only Cowsultants

    Cowsultants is in a unique position to help both the dairy producer and equipment and supply companies. For it to work, we must always strive to do right by both our vendors and their farm-level consumers, which is why we are the trusted partner of both buyers and sellers.

    Be sure to get in touch with the Cowsultants team to schedule a consultation and join us at our upcoming events.