Microbial Manure Master

ProfitProAG’s Swine and Dairy/Beef Manure Bioaugmentation Programs for lagoons and pits include Microbial Manure MasterTM(MMM). This technology is a component of the Full-Circle Animal, Manure and Soil-Plant System.TM It is recommended to use Manure ConditionerTM (MC) in conjunction with Microbial Manure Master to enhance manure digestion.

The Microbial Manure Master technology provides enhanced manure digestion critical to manure storage related issues and problems. It is designed specifically to provide the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduces surface and bottom solids
  • Provides a consistent manure slurry from first to last load
  • Enhances manure fertilizer value
  • Significantly reduces manure mixing at time of drawdown
  • Reduces barn odor and odor on land applications
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide emissions
  • Reduces fly and rodent populations in pits

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