Self-Adhesive Vet Bandages


These premium, self-adhesive vet bandages are resistant to abrasion and shredding, even with active animals. I With superior adhesion, this bandage is sweat and water-resistant, yet is still easy to remove and won’t stick to skin or fur. Convenient and easy to use, it can be hand-torn straight and clean, so you don’t need scissors. Comes in a variety of colors.


Self adhesive — quick & easy application.

Available in assorted colors.

Straight hand tear — no scissors needed.

Provides lightweight compression and sticks to itself without sticking to the wound.

Allows skin to breathe and is non-irritating.

Each roll is 4˝ x 5 yds of stretchable material.

Sold individually.

Regularly $1.40 per roll; when purchasing 18 or more, $1.00.

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