Featured Brands

Rovibec Ranger: Self-guided, autonomous robot pushing the ration several times a day

It automaticaly adapts the food pushing distance to the curb, without any programation. Simple, efficient and reliable, thanks to the ground-inserted magnet strip.

Armenta Acoustic Wave: The New Wave of Udder Health Management

APT-X is an innovative, antibiotics-free solution using acoustic waves. The prevalence of udder infections on dairy farms ranges from 30-40% during lactation, and treatment is primarily by antibiotics.

FERA Diagnostics and Biologicals combines innovation and science

The Accumast plus tests use a four-section plate system, enabling veterinarians, farmers and herd managers to accurately diagnose almost all commonly encountered infections faster.

Drenchmate Cal- Mate:
Fresh Cow Bolus

Most economically priced bolus on the market!! Formulated with immediate & sustained release calcium for metabolic support during freshening.

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Cowsultants is in a unique position to help both sides of a sale. For it to work, we must always strive to do right by both our vendors and their farm-level consumers, which is why we are the trusted partner of both buyers and sellers.

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